Putting the pieces together!

TALEA (Tennessee Association of Law Enforcement Analysts) was born in February of 2013.  Six analysts met in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and had the passion and desire to start something that would make all Law Enforcement Analysts better in their respected fields.

The six analysts discussed a path that could help organize and train crime and intelligence analysts in Tennessee and surrounding States and give us a platform to network with other people in our profession.  Thus TALEA was born.

We, the Executive Board, encourage all members to actively participate and contribute to the Association and we strongly urge those analysts who are not members to please become a part of TALEA.

TALEA is about helping others become better crime and intelligence analysts.  TALEA is about active membership so that we can share with others our expertise and experiences.  That’s how we help the Law Enforcement Agencies we come from and that’s how we strengthen the profession of Crime & Intelligence Analysis.