Jerry Ratcliffe Bio

Jerry Ratcliffe is a former British police officer who works with police agencies around the world on crime reduction and criminal intelligence development. After an ice-climbing accident ended a decade-long career with London’s Metropolitan Police, he earned a first class honors degree and a PhD from the University of Nottingham. He has published over 80 research articles and nine books, including most recently “Reducing Crime: A Companion for Police Leaders”. Ratcliffe has been a research adviser to the FBI and the Philadelphia Police Commissioner, an instructor for the ATF intelligence academy, and he is a founding member of the FBI National Academy Advisory Board. He is a professor in the Department of Criminal Justice at Temple University in Philadelphia, USA.


Intelligence-Led Policing. This presentation provides an introduction to the challenges of modern enforcement, a definition of intelligence-led policing and a discussion of the strategic challenges facing police leaders. It also demonstrates the value of targeting repeat offenders, and gives analysts and other participants a conceptual model and other suggestions for advancing intelligence-led policing.


Predictive Policing. Predictive policing might be the buzzword of the moment, but the prediction of either geographic locations or serious, repeat offenders is fraught with potential problems for analysts and police leadership. This presentation serves as an overview of both strands of this topic (offender focus and crime hot spot), provides a cautionary warning, and discusses where the latest advancements are being made.

Reducing Crime – A Companion for Police Leaders. Drawing on research and conversations with police officers from four continents, this presentation provides an overview of the police leadership book ‘Reducing Crime’, a new guide that introduces an expanded problem-solving model with simple checklists to help analysts and police leaders design, implement, and evaluate crime reduction projects.