Larry Pace Bio

Captain Larry Pace started his Police Career in 1980 at the Houston Police Dept. in Texas.  After 32 years of Policing he has spent 15 years in Patrol Division and 17 years in Criminal Investigations Division as an Investigator and later as a Supervisor in that Unit. In 2013 he was tasked with starting a new Crime Analysis Unit at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. In June of 2017 he was promoted to Captain and given the responsibility of Directing the I.T. Division as well as continuing the Crime Analysis Unit.

After going through the past several years I see the great importance of a statewide Association for analysts.  It will give us the opportunity to meet other analysts and help each other better ourselves at our Agencies. Training is very crucial and that is what this Association is about.   I’m excited about the possibilities of the Association and encourage all analysts within our State and surrounding States to join TALEA and help us help other analysts throughout the State.  We must also help promote Crime Analysis to those Agencies that don’t currently have a full time analyst.